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Massiel Bermudez-Rios

O: 571-386-1075

Your forever real estate matchmaker

Home is where the heart is. As someone who has gone through two major relocations, this phrase hits home. There is nothing more important than feeling at ease in a place you can call home. It’s not about the house’s size or shape, it is about how it works with you and how it helps you write your life story.

And that’s why you need a great realtor by your side. Someone who has your best interests in mind when you are buying, or selling, a new property. Because it is not just a piece of property; it is a piece of you and an integral part of your family.

When my husband’s job brought us from Puerto Rico to Virginia, I knew the type of home and environment I wanted for my 2 kids (4 years old and 6 months old at the time). They were going through a major move, leaving family and friends behind. I wanted them to live in a house where we could make amazing memories that would never be forgotten. But being new to the area, I had to rely on our amazing realtor to put our vision to work and bring it to life. And he delivered. That house will live forever in our hearts.

When a promotion took us to the DC area, we wanted to find that new perfect spot for us. This time, we didn’t even know what city we would call home. With the right agent, we were able to find a dream neighborhood in Ashburn, called Broadlands, and a great house that makes us so happy that my kids have said they feel they live in a movie.

I know what it feels to want to find THE perfect home for you and your loved ones, in record time and within the budget. I know what it feels like to have to sell your home fast and to want to do it, stress free, and for TOP DOLLAR.

Moving can be stressful. It can be scary. But it can also be exciting. It can be the beginning of new and fun adventures. And with the right realtor by your side, it should feel like a breeze. And that is what I will do for you.

Why? Because with me you get the friendly neighbor who published a community magazine to connect neighbors together; who will get along with your potential buyer or seller and everyone involved in the transaction.

You get the former CPA who can tell a good deal from a bad one from a mile away, and will advise you so you can make the best decision for you and your family.

You get the tough negotiator, whose experience as a trial lawyer will get you the best deal in the current market.

You’ll also get the HGTV enthusiast that will make your home shine with the right professionals, including professional photographers, and staging consultants, so we can sell your home FAST and for TOP dollar.

And, most importantly, you get the wife and mom, who knows that a house means nothing if it does not help the people living in it write their best story. Let me help you write that story.

About Massiel:
Massiel Bermudez-Rios graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Puerto Rico and has a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and a Juris Doctor. She worked for 2 years as a Certified Public Accountant and auditor to pay for law school. She practiced law for 9 years until her family was relocated to Virginia. She has worked in sales for the past 5 years and is a Top 1% producer. In 2021 she led the effort to publish a local magazine called Broadlands Living that is received in the mailbox of thousands of neighbors in her community. The magazine is now a staple of that community and helps neighbors share their stories and stay connected. Although she has stepped away from the publisher role, she is proud of having brought to life such a fun piece of connection in her neighbor’s mailbox every month. She is passionate about using her skills to help people find a place they can call home or use real estate as an investing tool to build wealth.

Massiel Bermudez-Rios
Office: 571-386-1075
Pearson Smith Realty
43777 Central Station Drive, Suite 390
Ashburn VA 20147

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